Endorsement From The Editor Of The Skwawkbox: “Mandy Clare is a great activist who is solidly behind Jeremy Corbyn’s vision for the Labour Party and for society. If Preseli Pembrokeshire Labour members want their MP to represent them and to      stand for genuine change, they can’t do better than to select her as their parliamentary candidate. I’m delighted to support her both personally and as editor of The Skwawkbox.”
Endorsement from Chris Williamson MP: “The Parliamentary Labour Party has very few genuinely working class voices within its ranks. Mandy Clare would help to redress that imbalance if she was elected to parliament. Mandy’s background, and her genuine support for the agenda that secured Jeremy Corbyn two stunning leadership victories and saw Labour win the biggest increase in its vote share since 1945, makes her an ideal candidate. She is committed to common sense socialism and fighting for social justice. She speaks with authority and authenticity based on her real life experiences, making her an exceptional champion for the community where she lives. She would therefore be a great candidate, a superb standard bearer for Labour’s values and a brilliant MP for Preseli Pembrokeshire”
Endorsement from Mohammed Azam (agent for Yasmin Dar, Gorton PCC Selection):  “I endorse Mandy Clare as the candidate most trusted to back up Jeremy Corbyn in parliament.”