On holiday, Mwnt

I am a single mum from a working class background, living on a very low income. I feel it is important that we increase the representation of low income  families in parliament, and give this vastly under-represented group their own voice, rather than merely defining them as politically disengaged, particularly as we now know that the majority of the burden of government cuts (67%) have fallen on the shoulders of women such as me and families such as mine. I am one of the politically invisible ‘Many’.

I signed up as a member at the outset of Momentum and have served as an active member of the Steering Group throughout that time. If selected I will have a regular presence and will move to live permanently within the constituency, representing members and the local community to ensure local issues are heard and articulated at national level.

I am passionate about politics because I will not accept that the injustice and cruelty waged on the most vulnerable people within our society is now our new normal and I feel determined to play my part in repairing the damage and division of the last eight years.

Anti-Austerity Rally, Rhyl

We have waited so long for a strong anti-austerity voice within the Labour Party and this is a desperate but hopeful time for our country. I want our children and grandchildren to be paid decent wages and to live, rather than subsist, in secure jobs where they feel valued and can make their own way in the world independently and with dignity. I want a Welfare State, Social Care and NHS that are properly funded and afforded the esteem they deserve, to be fit for purpose and free at the point of use, as intended – these things are affordable and a source of great pride to us as the Labour Party.


Not everyone within our ‘broad church’ shares the bold vision that we have now set out in our manifesto, but I want the Leader of our party and our agenda to be fully supported by the Parliamentary Labour Party and it is only by people like me stepping forward for selection and by members voting to secure this that together, we can we ensure this happens.

I want us, as the party of The Many – to press the reset button on austerity, which has done so much harm, as our first urgent task, but then to use our shared resources, wealth and innovation to transform social injustice. I want us to measure our progress and judge our success based on a narrowing gap between The Many and the Few; on our happiness, not on the profit margin of those born at the top.

Very few work

Canvassing, local council electionsnd Corbyn rally, Wirral 2015

ing class candidates push themselves forward but I believe my personal and professional experience along with my activism demonstrate not only my ability, but my commitment, enthusiasm, tenacity and crucially my reliability as a Corbnista candidate. I regard the integrity and freshness of Jeremy Corbyn’s approach to politics as being the only realistic route out of the mess that the LibDem/Tory coalition and subsequently the Tories, have landed us in and I would love to represent you and to play my part.


In solidarity

Mandy Clare